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Taking green a step further

Taking green a step further

At Paradise Lawns, we have always gone above and beyond the standards in our industry to provide our customers with excellent lawn care and customer service. The phrase “taking green a step further” has become much more than just a slogan for us. It also goes beyond the concept of offering an organic lawn care program. Taking green a step further has become our blueprint in how to deliver a superb customer experience. During our 2013 season kickoff meeting in March, we asked each employee what our slogan personally meant to them and below are the responses we received.

  • Taking the time to discuss homeowner concerns and/or issues within their lawn
  • Responsive, knowledgeable & friendly customer service
  • The use of premier products that provide superior results
  • Providing customers the option of organic product offerings
  • Innovative, reliable, trustworthy and experienced
  • Going beyond typical service standards
  • Always striving to be environmentally responsible
  • Providing customer education for maintaining a healthy weed free lawn

lawn care with fertilizer and herbicide control

We are the leading lawn care service company, serving the St. Louis Metro-East counties of St. ClairMadison and Monroe. We specialize in lawn care services, pest control solutions, tree & shrub care and outdoor services.

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